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37 Rewa Rewa Valley, Tairua



In a land known as Tairua.
On the East Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula.
A dream evolved and became reality.
The story behind this journey is as incredible as the awe-inspiring homestead is.
25 years ago, the creation began.

Dell Cote is an Adobe earth house. Each brick must be made from the right earth with the exact amount of straw mixed in. The earth bricks create passive power, being cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
As the footings were being laid friends were invited to write letters of blessings. Each letter was buried into the footings. The energy of these blessings can still be felt today. The hallway was designed to be extra wide so father and son could enjoy a game of cricket in the hallway.
The cladding and framing is Macrocarpa, beautifully weathered, with Sigma Gum flooring. With all materials being natural there is an aura of purity, tranquillity and peace when you are here.

Echoes of classic heritage with a contemporary overlay of leading thinkers in ecological design. You cannot get more solid than this, the homestead will stand the test of time. You will be self sufficient with year round bounty with an organic theme.

If you believe that human health is directly linked to the way we interact with our environment and earth, then this is your home, where you can live your own fairy tale and be happy ever after.

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